Personnel – promoting employee well-being

Fortum believes that good leadership is fundamental to employee well-being, commitment and performance, and that it is essential in supporting the strategic goals of the company. At the year-end 2011, approximately 10,800 employees worked at Fortum.

Leading Performance and Growth supports an open and engaging work environment.

Fortum believes that performance and growth can be improved by having an open and engaging work environment, where all employees feel empowered and willing to take responsibility. In 2011, Fortum continued the Leading Performance and Growth (LPG) initiative, which aims to improve the company’s performance and growth by increasing employees’ involvement in implementing the strategy, by developing business planning and by strengthening leadership and organisational culture. A development programme called Leadership Impact, targeting all Fortum- managers, was launched in 2011.

At the beginning of 2011, a team development tool called Sensor was introduced at Fortum. Sensor includes a survey conducted twice a year to help the teams recognise and discuss their own development areas. 

During the second Sensor round, 4,227 Fortum employees gave feedback to their team by answering the Sensor on-line questions. The results indicate improvement in how coaching and challenging are used to improve performance as well as how success is celebrated in different teams. 

  2011 2010 2009
Power 1,847 1,819 3,063
Heat 2,504 2,394 2,246
Russia 4,379 4,294 4,090
ESD 1,417 1,487 1,699
Other operations 633 591 515
Total 10,780 10,585 11,613
  Finland Sweden Russia Estonia Poland Norway Other
Personnel at year-end 2,683 2,040 4,376 331 859 139 352
Personnel, average 2,689 2,076 4,432 336 1,009 137 331
Number of new employment relationships 172 157 775 14 31 9 72
Number of employment relationships ended ¹) 114 250 694 34 322 6 7
Departure turnover, % 4.2 12.3 15.9 10.3 37.5 4.3 2
Personnel expenses, 1,000 euros 209,462 180,786 79,752 7,426 20,945 13,620 16,620
Personnel expenses per person, 1,000 euros 77.9 87.1 18.0 22.1 20.8 99.2 50.2
¹) Includes operations sold and outsourced operations

The Fortum-wide employee survey – Fortum Sound, will be conducted in autumn 2012.

Employer image developed continuously

A strong employer image is extremely important for attracting new and retaining current employees. In 2011, Fortum was ranked among the top ten ideal employers in Finland. Among technical students, Fortum ranked the eighth most ideal employer in Finland (2010: 6th) and 26th in Sweden (2010: 34th).

ForCARE programme promotes well-being

ForCARE, Fortum’s well-being model, is a common denominator for all the activities that Fortum does to promote the well-being of its employees. The programme goals are to promote safety, support employees’ capacity to work throughout their career and contribute to the functionality of work communities at Fortum.

The ForCARE programme started in Finland in 2010 and was rolled out to Sweden and Norway in 2011. The aim is to implement it in all countries of operation. It will be customised according to each country’s legislation in collaboration with local occupational health organisations, the HR department and management.