Towards smarter energy production

At Fortum, we believe that there is a need to make a transition from traditional energy production towards Solar Economy with infinite and  zero-emission energy production and high resource and system efficiency – a development towards producing and consuming energy in a smarter way. 

In Solar Economy, energy from the sun is utilised directly as solar electricity and heat, as well as indirectly as hydro, ocean, wind, bio and geothermal energy. Energy consumption and energy systems will be based on smart grids and flexible heating and cooling solutions.

In Fortum’s view, the pathway towards Solar Economy will proceed step-by-step as the technology and society develops. The current energy production forms are likely to be utilised until they are no longer financially feasible and until the power plants have reached the end of their life-cycles. Along the way, advanced energy technologies, like biomass-based combined heat and power (CHP) production, will become important. Nuclear power will remain alongside the new forms of energy, and its development will also continue.